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ProtocolScout: Multi-Chain Explorer for CPAs and Auditors

Transforming your business by moving from traditional searching with many dedicated explorers like Etherscan or Polygonscan to a one-click search through ProtocolScout and getting results from more than 10 blockchain networks in a few seconds.

Improve information availability, quality and security – ProtocolScout transparently gives you a URL link to the second source as proof of each information!

One native environment, where you can see at the same time current and history data is the best way to improve efficiency and productivity, and achieve a significant improvement of the existing audit process.

Try it now on https://protocolscout.com/

Empower Your Business with ProtocolScout Widgets

Additionally, if you want to empower your business with Multi-chain explorer incorporated in your in-house business solution pick up our ProtocolScout Widget. For the demo we modify and branding ProtocolScout Widget with AlgoMetric visual standards and put it on this page in only a few minutes to demonstrate you how it could look like.

Try it now on https://protocolscout.com/widgets